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BMW 2 Series F22 Hatchback with a Gloss Black Rear Diffuser

BMW 2 Series F22 Hatchback with a Gloss Black Rear Diffuser

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BMW 2 Series F22 Hatchback with a Gloss Black Rear Diffuser Featuring Twin, Dual, and Quad Exit Options!

This causes the airspeed to drop, giving you more downforce. It's like having a vacuum that sucks up the air from underneath your car, reducing the pressure underneath and lifting it above the ground. This is called downforce, and it's the combination of airflow and gravity that keeps your car on the ground. With more downforce, you'll have better handling and a better aerodynamic look. Plus, they're usually used to create a new exhaust setup, like a dual exit instead of the standard single exit.

Product : Rear Diffuser 

Series : 2

Model : F22

Body Type : hatchback

Year -2014-2020

Diffuser Type's available : Twin Exit 00, Dual Exit single both sides 0—0, Quad Exit 00--00
Colour : Gloss black

All products are made from quality ABS with Perfect fitment. 5 Series Sedan

Screws & Double side bonding tape included
All items are dispatched next working day with tracking uploaded to each order. It usually takes 1-2 working days for delivery.

We offer fitting service at our Luton workshop. Please message us if you would like to get it fitted.

Professional fitting is Highly recommended 

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ABS is one of the most commonly used materials in the paneling and edge banding industry. This is due to its many high-demand properties, such as sustainability, durability, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance. Below, we will break down each of these properties for you.

ABS has many of the same characteristics as PVC (also called polymerizing vinyl chloride). PVC is widely used in the furniture industry due to its durability and long life span. Unlike PVC, ABS does not contain harmful chlorine and it is also more shock resistant.
ABS has a low melting point, making it much easier to recycle and reuse than PVC. It can also be heated, cooled and remolded multiple times without affecting its strength or quality. If you’re more eco-friendly or concerned about your environment, ABS is a more sustainable material to use in your home or office.

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Aesthetics ABS has a smooth, glossy surface, making it ideal for displaying striking appealing colors. It’s compatible with a wide range of paint and adhesives, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. You can also dye it to exact shades to suit your taste and project specifications. If your design calls for a more unique look, ABS can also be shaped for different surface textures.

Ease of maintenance
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